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Northwest Outdoor Science School - Prearranged Student Leader

Northwest Regional Education Service District
United States, Oregon, Hillsboro
June 12, 2024

NOTE: This application is for individuals who have prearranged to attend at a specific Northwest Outdoor Science School site or event as a STUDENT LEADER. Contact before submitting this application with a Site Coordinator is required. Applications submitted without prior arrangement with a NWRESD Site Coordinator will be rejected.

At various times throughout a school year an individual may desire to participate in an activity at a Northwest Outdoor Science School site or event. It is necessary for that potential volunteer to complete an application similar to applying for a paid position. Volunteer applicant will be the subject of a background check and Oregon Department of Education fingerprint clearance and must complete a Volunteer Application prior to beginning any activity at a Northwest Regional ESD facility. or Northwest Outdoor Science School site or event. Be aware, that this process can take up to 14 business days to complete.

In the SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION UPLOAD section of this application, please upload a document with the following information:

Failure to provide this information will result in the rejection of this application.


Volunteer Application/Guidelines Form
A completed Volunteer Application/Guidelines form must be on file before working with students.

Volunteers are required to sign in and out of the building/site and wear a badge, tag, or button identifying them as a volunteer.

Volunteers must understand that the paid staff is, by law, legally responsible for the overall management and operation of the school and its programs classrooms.

Volunteers must keep information confidential regarding students and or staff members within the school in which they work. Such information is only to be discussed with the appropriate teacher or staff member at the school.

Volunteers may not discipline students. Such matters are to be referred to the appropriate staff member.

Supervision of Students
Students are not to be left without supervision, especially in the event of an emergency. Volunteers should use the room communication system to call for help or send a student to the office if necessary.

Emergency Drills
During an emergency drill, volunteers are to exit the building with students, as directed by school staff.

Bodily Fluids
Volunteers are not usually trained to handle bodily fluids and should call for staff if a student is bleeding or vomiting.

Volunteers must be reliable and will notify the staff person as soon as they are aware of being unable to volunteer or if arrival time is later than scheduled.

Example for Students
Volunteers set an example for students. Dress and behavior should not attract undue attention. Use of profanity, smoking, and the promotion of personal religious doctrine is not allowed in any NWRESD facility.

Use of NWRESD Network Services
Volunteers are expected to follow NWRESD policy and administrative rule EDE and EDE-AR regarding the "Acceptable Use of Electronic and Network Services".

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