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Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Hyde Leadership Charter School
United States, New York, Bronx
730 Bryant Avenue (Show on map)
February 05, 2024

About Leaders In Our Neighborhood Charter School:

Leaders In Our Neighborhood Charter School's mission is to develop the character of each student. We unite students, families, and staff in helping each individual achieve their best academically, and in sports, the arts, and service to the community. We believe that passion for learning, self-discovery, leadership, and social conscience are the foundation for success in college and fulfillment in life.

We believe that all children, regardless of their neighborhood, race, or income, are gifted with special talents to offer the world, and that school is a place for students to develop the skills and mindsets needed to become their best selves. Furthermore, we assert that human beings are more complex than annual data points, and that the fulfillment of a person's life correlates not simply to test scores, but even more so to their relationships with others and the content of their character. With our family partnership and character approach model, we focus on helping students develop their character and the skills they need for life through rigorous academics, self-discovery, and family involvement.

Teachers at LION Charter School:

  • Believe the purpose of education is both academic achievement AND character development
  • Provide whatever is necessary to ensure ALL students are successful and are developing strong character
  • Use data and assessments to inform and drive instruction
  • Involve families in their students' education and in our character program.
  • Value feedback and evaluation on teaching practices and set SMART goals
  • Support and challenge colleagues and hold each other to his or her best
  • Voice their thoughts, opinions and suggestions and embody an entrepreneurial spirit, taking on leadership in a multitude of ways
  • Pursue their own self-discovery and growth

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure high academic standards are set for and met by all students
  • Collaborate with other teachers to provide rigorous, standards-based learning to students
  • Execute rigorous, whole-group instruction based on individual needs of students
  • Use student performance data derived from teacher-created and standardized assessments to drive instructional decision-making
  • Serve as case manager for at least 2 students receiving special education services participating in ongoing staff orientation and training.


  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • A Master's degree in Education or relevant content area preferred
  • New York State Certification in Social Studies (1-6),
  • Demonstrated incorporation of literacy in the classroom, dual certification in ELA a plus
  • Willingness to teach a Regents course
  • Demonstrated success working in an urban school setting
  • Strong data tracking and analysis skills
  • An ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues, families and students
  • A belief that everyone is gifted with a unique potential
  • A commitment to character development and family partnerships

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