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GRAIL, Inc. | Diversity Employer


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In pursuit of innovation to solve healthcare’s most important challenges
We are a healthcare company focused on saving lives and improving health by pioneering new technologies for early cancer detection. We have built a multi-disciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, and physicians and we are using the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS), population-scale clinical studies, and state-of-the-art computer science and data science to overcome one of medicine’s greatest challenges.

Our mission

Our mission is to detect cancer early, when it can be cured. We are working to change the trajectory of cancer mortality and bring stakeholders together to adopt innovative, safe, and effective technologies that can transform cancer care.

Our values

  • Grit: We are determined and resilient because patients are counting on us.
  • Respect: We value diversity and challenge each other respectfully.
  • Accountability: We own our decisions and keep our commitments.
  • Integrity: We adhere to our principles of humility, transparency, and rigor.
  • Leadership: We make each other better by making leadership everyone’s responsibility

Join the team

Everything we do is guided by our mission to detect multiple cancers early, when treatment is often more effective. It’s never been done before, and it’s no small challenge. But we believe with the right team, achieving our mission is possible.

Grail Benefits

Driven by purpose
Our passion for developing potentially life-saving technologies is at the core of what we do and why we do it. Achieving this goal takes unparalleled amounts of clinical data. It takes significant bioinformatics computing power. Most of all, it takes an audacious, committed team of diverse individuals, from software engineers and genomic biologists to product marketing experts and beyond.

We’re building the best team to take on healthcare’s most important challenges. Are you ready to join us?

Life at GRAIL

At GRAIL, we don’t just work for ourselves and for one another—we work for humanity. Energized by our collaborative environment, compassion, and a sense of urgency, we’re dedicated to making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. This shared belief gives our team a sense of common purpose and builds camaraderie that makes our journey together its own reward. 

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