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Medcor | Diversity Employer


Healthcare touches our lives in a way that few things do. Healthcare is personal. Your health and the health of your loved ones is deeply important to you.

pictureMedcor helps companies reduce healthcare costs and helps people improve health outcomes. We do this by providing health navigation through onsite clinics, mobile units, injury triage, and telemedicine. On-demand access thanks to our availability allows early intervention; our use of evidence-based medicine supports prevention and treatment. Our proprietary systems determine each case’s severity and the right level of care for treatment. As a result, we obtain needed treatments right away and prevent unnecessary treatments, prescriptions, claims, and costs. Medcor operates without claims-driven conflicts of interest. We serve all industries across the U.S. and Canada. Our services include Worksite Health and Wellness Clinics, Construction Health and Safety, Injury Triage, Medcor Telemed, and Safety Staffing and Training.

Mission, Vision & Values

Medcor embodies a trailblazing spirit.
We believe that a better way of life is attainable through better delivery of healthcare by navigating today’s complex health system and overcoming its challenges.

Medcor’s unique systems, software and continuous clinical QA cycle have all been developed at the service of fulfilling our Mission and Vision for employers and their employees. Our Values enable us to unswervingly carry out our Mission and Vision.

Our mission is to be health advocates with no conflicts of interest using evidence-based medicine and technology to drive changes in healthcare that improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Our vision is to empower people— through health navigation— to get the right care, by the right person, at the right time and place.

We are honest. We are passionate about what we do. We are transparent and open with everyone. We care about the other person. We do not harm. We strive to be the best at what we do. We do what we say we will do.

Grow Your Career with Medcor

Medcor’s advocates are leaders.
They work in a variety of settings, most of which are outside of the typical healthcare environment (that is, not attached to a hospital or health system). Medcor’s success depends on the success of our advocates. We empower our advocates with the tools and training that they need to be successful and to grow in their careers. Those advocates who are caring and candid professionals, who possess a “can do” trailblazing spirit, will grow and flourish with us.

Medcor has grown from a local operation in the Chicago suburbs with a handful of employees to a health navigation firm spread across North America with nearly two thousand health advocates.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

A culture of diversity and inclusion is more than just words for Medcor. We’re always trying to grow our network of people and programs, which, through diversity, will allow us to better represent and serve our customers. We also want to help our Advocates grow in their careers by embracing and benefiting from a diversified workforce and culture. To do this we believe in fostering a culture where everyone is welcome. We want Medcor to have an inclusive workplace, one where our Advocates are comfortable being authentic at work.

We recognize to be the best in our industry we need and want people who represent all that is good in our world—and that means we must have a team that represents our world. We must also be open to share with one another our differences and learn to love the diversified nature of a workplace that promotes and encourages differences. This type of environment energizes our innovation and connects us to our customers and the communities we serve. Most importantly, it represents all that is right in the world and allows each one of us to do our part to make the world we live in better by modeling the behavior we believe the rest of the world needs.

Please know whoever you are—we welcome you to the Medcor family if you have a passion to do the work we all care about for our patients and customers. Please know there is a place here for you as we welcome the differences we all have.


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