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American Bureau of Shipping | Diversity Employer

ABS is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence as one of the world’s leading classification organizations. In a constantly evolving industry, ABS works alongside its partners tackling the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges so the marine and offshore industries can operate safely, securely and responsibly.

For more than 150 years, ABS has been at the forefront of marine and offshore energy innovation. We work alongside our partners tackling the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges so the marine and offshore industries can operate safely, securely and responsibly.

Our reputation matters to us. Our day-to-day activities are guided by three principles: integrity, good faith and excellence. Integrity comes from consistently behaving according to a set of codified values and ethics. Good faith means that we will always demonstrate respect, sincerity, honesty and impartiality in our dealings. Excellence is fundamental; we strive to raise the standards of the marine, offshore and gas industries while meeting the needs of clients and the public in general.

We are inventive problem solvers and visionary innovators who produce results. At the same time, we are a responsible resource for practical solutions.

We believe in teamwork. The best solutions are achieved together with other stakeholders. We work closely with them as a dependable, flexible partner. We are also dedicated to sharing our experience and in looking to the future with our contributions to the education of future industry leaders.

Who We Are

We are defined by a vision, a mission, and a core set of traits that make us truly unique. As important today as they were in the past, these characteristics define how we approach our work. Together, they describe the Spirit of ABS.


  • Safety
    What we do matters to the lives of people and the quality of the environment. We are vigilant in our goals to improve safety practices and minimize risk exposure and downtime.
  • People
    We have a global scope and a local presence. Our international workforce is continuously trained to the highest level. We empower our people to make local decisions.
  • Integrity
    In everything we do, we are honest, ethical and trustworthy. Clients depend on us as an impartial, objective resource.
  • Reliability
    You can count on us. We’re easy to reach and quick to respond. We deliver practical, tailored solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Innovation
    Solving problems is good. Anticipating problems is better. We do both through continuous research and development focused on staying ahead of the curve.
  • Teamwork
    The best safety solutions are achieved together. We work closely with our stakeholders as a dependable, flexible and efficient partner. We are dedicated to sharing our experience and contributing to the education of future industry leaders.
  • Quality
    Expect the best. When we set out to solve a problem, we do it right. We are thorough and relentless perfectionists in the pursuit of safety.

abs career2OUR VISION
Safety drives us. We are global innovators turning tools and practices into practical solutions to support the industries we serve.

To serve the public interest as well as the needs of our members and clients by promoting the security of life and property, and preserving the natural environment.

Safety, service and solutions are the three goals that define the activities of ABS. They are the bedrock upon which we base our commitment to set standards of excellence as one of the world’s leading marine and offshore classification organizations.

We have been able to achieve those goals through the innovative thinking, enthusiasm and professionalism of our highly experienced staff. Years of experience, training and continued education have made us confident in our actions and secure in our decisions.


ABS and its affiliated companies are global leaders in marine and offshore classification and other innovative safety, quality and environmental services focused on the marine, energy and government sectors.

With more than 5,000 employees, ABS and the ABS Group of Companies offers a dynamic work environment and multiple avenues for career growth.

ABS and the ABS Group of Companies operate in more than 200 locations in 70 countries around the world. Our corporate and regional headquarters can be found in Houston, London, Shanghai and Singapore. A career with ABS offers the opportunity to work across the world with a talented group of diverse, global professionals.

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