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Credit Analyst

Job Summary

Responsible for analyzing credit and financial reports to determine risk involved in loaning money or extending credit. Scrutinizes financial data such as market share, income growth, and management quality to decide if loans will be lucrative.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Compare liquidity, profitability, and credit histories of individual or company being evaluated with similar establishments to determine risk.
  • Compile reports regarding finance and credit data.
  • Analyze the financial records like earnings, savings, payments and purchase of the company or individual and recommend other useful financial activity for further plans.
  • Manage files and records, stenography and transaction and other office procedure.
  • Complete loan applications, including credit analyses and summaries of loan requests, and submit to loan committees for approval.
  • Review individual or commercial customer files to identify and select delinquent accounts for collection.
  • Reconcile customer statements/billings.
  • Minimize bad debt risk and maximize accounts receivable collections.
  • Conduct collection calls and customer visits to collect Accounts Receivables.
  • Market, train, counsel, advise, and communicate credit department policy and procedures to company personnel.
  • Generate financial ratios, using computer programs, to evaluate customers' financial status.