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Event and Trade Show Marketer

Job Summary

"Visit trade shows to demonstrate products and services to an audience. Sets up booths, demonstrates product or service, answers questions, and disassembles booth at the end of the show.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate product or service at trade shows and events.
  • Ascertain which trade shows would benefit company the most.
  • Use graphics and slideshows during presentation.
  • Answer questions about product.
  • Discuss pricing tiers with customers.
  • Give product samples.
  • Set up computers to offer tutorials or demonstrations.
  • Set up booths, including pictures and samples.
  • Conduct guided tours.
  • Train other demonstrators.
  • Tell customers why product is better than competitors.
  • Suggest specific product purchases.
  • Visit specific trade shows to market product.
  • Collect fees or donations.
  • Contact businesses and arrange for demonstrations or exhibitions.
  • Transport and assemble materials.
  • Recommend product improvements to maker.
  • Produce coupons and informational brochures.
  • Wear proper customers or sign boards.
  • Walk around store offering samples to customers.
  • Clean up area after demonstration.
  • Deliver speeches and presentations about product.