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Fire Prevention Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for creating products and methods to prevent or extinguish fires. Devises best ways to escape from fires in homes and buildings. Inspects buildings and homes to determine fire hazards.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create methods dealing with fire prevention.
  • Inspect buildings and homes for dangerous fire hazards.
  • Suggest ways to minimize dangers.
  • Plan changes in older buildings to make them safer.
  • Study dangerous processes or materials and create safety measures for handling them.
  • Teach workers and managers how to handle fires and best ways to escape.
  • Advise manufacturers on how to create fire protection equipment.
  • Inspect buildings for insurance purposes to determine causes of fire.
  • Design and install fire safety equipment.
  • Keep municipal properties safe from fire.
  • Ensure public observes fire protection regulations.
  • Hold training sessions on fire protection and prevention.
  • Evaluate fire departments.
  • Conduct research on fire retardants.
  • Design fire detection equipment, alarm systems, and fire extinguishing devices.
  • Identify potential fire hazards in buildings, such as water supplies, exit locations, and construction materials.
  • Research methods to extinguish fires and ignition sources.
  • Advise on how to extinguish large-scale fires.