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Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Job Summary

Responsible for performing tests to detect, diagnosis, and treat diseases. Examines and analyzes body fluids and cells for abnormal results. Evaluates how a patient is responding to treatment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform tests on patients to diagnose diseases.
  • Take specimens for laboratory analysis.
  • Prepare specimens for examination.
  • Analyze chemical content of fluids.
  • Check for bacteria and parasites.
  • Look for abnormal cells in blood and body fluids.
  • Use microscopes to view cells.
  • Analyze and interpret results.
  • Report results to physicians.
  • Use automated equipment and computerized instruments.
  • Make cultures of body fluid and tissue samples.
  • Analyze samples to detect chemical reactions.
  • Determine concentrations of compounds in blood.
  • Check cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.
  • Type and cross match blood samples for transfusions.
  • Develop and modify testing procedures.
  • Monitor programs.
  • Check test results repeatedly for accuracy.
  • Analyze hormonal content of body fluids.
  • Identify microorganisms in blood.
  • Examine elements of immune system.
  • Prepare slides of body cells.
  • Perform complex protein and nucleic acid testing on cell samples.