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Therapeutic Mentor/Direct Care Specialist - Therapeutic Day Services

The Brien Center
United States, Massachusetts, North Adams
124 American Legion Drive (Show on map)
May 09, 2024

Full-Time, days in North Adams! Sunday-Thursday

**Therapeutic Mentors require a Bachelor's Degree which reflects a higher wage**

Essential Job Functions

Direct Care Specialists for the South Forty Program provide invaluable one-on-one and group coaching, guidance, and reinforcement of adaptive, developmentally appropriate social, emotional, and communication skills for youth, ranging from 3 to 21 years of age. Options for Youth Programs are funded by a combination of state [DCF and DMH] as well as third-party contracts. While these contracts have slight variations in program implementation and credentialing requirements, they share similar core skills, abilities, and scopes of practice. Below are the common elements that are the foundation of all direct care work within the Options for Youth programs.

I. Direct Care:

  • Provide case management of assigned youth, including understanding and operationalizing the various program specifications entailed in each of the assigned clients' service contracts.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with clinicians and other providers regarding treatment plan and strategies for intervention, in accordance with assigned clients' service contracts.
  • Provide outreach to child/family/collateral contacts throughout child/adolescent's network, including family, guardians, school, court, CBHI providers, DCF, DMH and other community agencies.
  • Participate in program planning, preparation and coverage of day treatment program, a structured group environment using recreational/group therapy interventions (South Forty and Options for Youth staff)
  • Supervise youth in Day Treatment after school programs and in other community sites, as specified in clients' treatment/service plans.
  • Support clients in maintaining treatment at the Brien Center and other relevant agencies as stated in clients' treatment plans.
  • Implement direct interventions, as specified by clients' treatment plans and provider contracts.
  • Model receptivity to feedback and learning opportunities for clients, families and provider systems.
  • Consistently convey authenticity, hopefulness, dignity, and respect for clients and families.
  • Document and regularly communicate careful and objective observations regarding client's emotional and behavior status; progress in reaching goals, and client's/family's receptivity to interventions.

II. Administrative Duties:

  • Complete all paperwork in a timely manner according to state-contracted and/or funder-contracted deadlines in accordance with various program specifications entailed in each of the assigned clients' service contracts.
  • Participate in all relevant staff meetings, group and individual supervisions and other required trainings.
  • Effectively and independently manage all aspects of the case management role, including scheduling client appointments and collateral contacts at the frequency that is outlined in the staff manual-according to funders' contractual specifications.
  • Appropriate and active utilization of emails and other forms of technology, as demonstrated by giving and receiving work-related information regarding appointments, work assignments, and case collaboration.
  • Active accountability for time management through direct communication and scheduling documentation requirements specified by program supervisors.
  • Consistent fulfillment of funder-mandated service delivery specifications regarding the frequency and intensity of direct client interactions.
  • Timely provision of updates to supervisors regarding collateral contacts; factors impacting authorization of services; expected discharges; and other service delivery factors.
  • Complete all assigned tasks that impact the organized function of the program.

Other Responsibilities

  • Provide an atmosphere conducive to enhancing mental health and recovery in keeping with human rights consumers.
  • Represent the agency in a professional manner at all times
  • Report any incident (s) regarding accidents, injuries and unusual events to program supervisor and other relevant designees.
  • Flexibly respond to program scheduling needs and assist other programs when assigned.
  • Provide transportation when necessary to facilitate treatment plan.
  • Participate in program-mandated trainings.


  • Bachelors degree in a human services field, as stipulated in the CBHI-approved listing of human service degrees that meet MassHealth MCE credentialing criteria AND at least one year of experience in working with children/adolescents


  • An Associates or High School/Equivalent degree in a human services field, as stipulated in the CBHI-approved listing of human service degrees that meet MassHealth MCE credentialing criteria, AND at least two years of relevant experience in working with children/adolescents.


  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Strong computer skills

Other Requirements

  • Able to respond to program and client-specific scheduling needs on a flexible basis
  • Support and maintain the principles and policies of the Brien Center
  • Maintain ethical and professional standards
  • Represent the agency in a professional manner in all community contacts
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Agency's mission and community mental health principles
  • Possess a valid drivers license and ability to pass Driver's License check
  • Successfully pass Criminal Offense Record Inquiry (CORI)
  • First Aid/CPR certified (Offered upon hire)
  • Possess a working, reliable vehicle for transportation of self and/or youth

Physical Conditions

  • Manual & visual dexterity; correctable.
  • Able to work or travel inside and outside as needed in varying weather conditions
  • Able to work in various agency and community settings
  • Push, pull, stand, reach overhead and twist
  • Able to bend at the knees, waist and lower self to the ground or floor without assistance
  • Able to physically climb and descend stairs without assistance
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.